Friday, December 28, 2007

Larry Linkler here and checking out some of the real estate blogs again today. Some strange florida real estate tales and how to get involved with florida short sales are two articles you don't wnat to miss, or maybe you do, I really don't know....

Don't feed the florida realtors had me rolling in the aisles of the credit repair bus. I nearly fell out at the corner of florida short sale street and florida mortgage broker avenue. It's ok, I'm all right. Then again, on FannieMae MyCommunity street we hit a seller carry back second mortgage bump and I lost my FHA Zero down mortgage loan. It rolled right out the back of the credit repair bus! That reminded me alot of my credit report and credit score from Vantagescore or was it my bad credit repair mortgage loan? WHo knows?

Talk to you soon, Larry Linkler signing out!

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