Thursday, November 02, 2006

November is the month to get rid of your bad credit. Yes sir, November 2006 is the month to get rid of your bad credit and why not improve your FICO score while your at it? Larry Linkler here folks and I only have a few minutes to write to you today becuase as usual, I have a really big schedule planned for this week with credit repair and credit restoration.

Let's look at the bad credit itinerary for a moment on a credit report. The FICO score is certainly affected by the bad credit and this is also called a credit score. Many credit scores are from Equifax, Experian and Trans Union but many credit reports for that matter contain bad credit as well. let's look at bad credit mortgages too.

Take a bad credit tennis ball bouncing down the street of credit repair. Does the tennis ball make it over the proverbial FICO score net? Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't but as Larry Linkler always says, get that credit repair going and give that FICO score a boost!

Free Credit Repair is one way to go. Another option is Free Credit Restoration. Both of these options will improve a credit score and that is what the mortgage loan is looking for. Let's say you want to lower your bad credit interest rate or possible refinance that option arm into a better FICO score program. Either way, bad credit is not doing the credit report any good. We'll folks, Larry's got to go, but until next time: Bad Credit stay away!

Larry Linkler


Blogger Larry Linkler said...

Listen Larry, close your mouth and chew your FICO score and then let us know where to go to Fix Bad Credit. Ok? Thanks.

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