Friday, November 24, 2006

Larry Linkler here and hoping everyone had a happy thanksgiving. And do we ever have things to be thankful for! Yessirre, we sure do, and not the least of which is that our credit scores are going up to higher FICO levels. Or at least they should be. Let me tell you about a recent credit repair conversation we had.

We stopped in Bamtucket and pulled the credit repair bus over to have thanksgiving dinner with some folks in taht town. Great people! I'll tell you they sure can cook too! But that's a story for another time. You see, it just so happened that I was talking with the credit restoration chef and he said can anything be done about this bankruptcy on my credit report? Well, Larry took one look at that bankruptcy and saw how the creditors were reporting innaccurate information on the credit report. The FICO score was low as a result. So the credit repair was definitely needed and helpful to get the FICO score back up to where the bankruptcy wasn't hurting so much any more. And that's what this credit repair bus is traveling all around the country to tell folks in every town.

Beep - Beep!

Ok, folks, that's the credit repair bus honking the horn and Larry Linkler's gotta get going again. So, Until next time: Keppy your credit scores high and your charge offs low.

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