Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Larry Linkler here and I just got back from traveling around the credit repair world and you won't belive the kind of FICO scores I've encountered. Golly gee, the credit restoration wiz is surely confounded by all this chaotic credit score gambit. I don't have a whole bunch of time here and then I have to get back to the credit reports, so let me just tell you this quick credit report story that happened when I was down in Texas. It goes something like this...

I was sitting in a credit repair coffee shop just reading the credit restoration news when suddenly, in walked in this FICO score individual. Interestingly enough, when the Beacon door opened, it made kind of a crashing sound that sounded something like "Charge off!"

Well, when I heard that type of credit score nomenclature, then I immediately turned around and saw that this credit score person that had walked in had a Fair Isaac colored credit repair hat on their head. Trying to be polite, I returned to reading the credit repair news and suddenly the waitress walked up to me and said "Larry, don't you want a bankruptcy mortgage with your coffee?"

"Why thank you" I said with a credit restoration smile on my face.

"Would you like some foreclosure avoidance with your bankruptcy mortgage coffee today?" she asked.

"Yes, please. And could you make it a rapid rescore" I said.

To be continued....

Sorry, folks, Larry linkler has to go for now, but here's to clean living and free credit repair. As always, and until I see you next time in this credit report and Beacon score time of day. Be safe, pay your credit cards on time, and keep that credit score as high as possible.

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Blogger Larry Linkler said...

OK, Larry - great that you're back in town. I can't wait to rea dthe rest of your story about the Credit Repair coffee shop.

12:54 PM  

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