Saturday, November 18, 2006

Larry Linkler checking in and am I on a credit repair party bus extravangaza. In case you missed all the excitement, the credit repair bus is off and running! First we painted "free credit report" all over the front and back of the bus and a big message on each side that says "What's your FICO score?" Now, this was all tastefully done of course, as we used charge off paint and some bankruptcy and foreclsoure mixed in - it kind of looks like that bus from the Patridge Family. You know, one thing that is kind of strange on that show is that you never see them making a mortgage payment. You would think that making a mortgage payment or at least a rent payment on that house would be importnat for the credit report of that family. Anyway, that's how Larry Linkler's mind works.

Whooah! We just took a big turn in the credit repair bus at the corner of Vantagescore and Fair Isaac Road. We had to do a credit restoration maneuver as there was an elderly lady carrying a dozen credit cards and she was in the way and we needed to do the repairing credit turn to avoid her. OK, the satellite signal is weakening so that's all ofr today. I'll check in with you when we get to foreclosure avenue.

Until then, check you credit reports and fix bad credit and as always, avoid the effects of bankruptcy with bankruptcy credit repair.

See ya!


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Larry! Larry! How do I get on the credit repair bus? Meet me at Free Credit Report

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