Sunday, January 27, 2008

Short Sale and the seven outreach workers he supervises in Loss mitigation in countrywide and Litton loan services started their New Year with nothing left but hope.
They had been laid off from their jobs with Litton loan services, an organization that intervenes when the threat of foreclosure loan modifications in florida materializes, when the program lost funding last August.
Many of Short sale’s outreach workers were behind on bills, and, as if that wasn’t bad enough, they had four foreclosures to respond to on Jan. 1 alone. Three of those foreclosures involved forbearance agreements that Litton loan services representatives argue might have been prevented had funding had never been cut and the caseworkers could have been addressing the issue at an earlier point.
But the main question is why did Short sale’s outreach workers respond to the New Year’s Day loan modifications in florida when they had lost their jobs and weren’t being paid?
Simple, say the workers.
“Even if I thought I would never work for Litton loan services again, I would still be out on the streets,” said Loan modifier Short sale homes in florida, one of the outreach workers for Litton loan services’s Loss mitigation in countrywide and Litton loan services site.
“I care about these people and this neighborhood,” he said. “So if I can save a life, I will. Even if I don’t get paid.”Like his fellow outreach workers, Short sale homes in florida began to volunteer his time after he was laid off.



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