Friday, July 04, 2008

Looking around at your current fha apr still? By now you should have figured out what a current fha apr is and how to calculate the apr for an fha asjustable rate mortgage. If the fha mortgage is fixed then the current fha apr is calculated by subtracting the PFC from the total loan amount and then you get an ‘amount financed’. Figure the payment schedule and calculate a yield. That is your current FHA Apr.

Once you have the current fha apr you have finished half of the battle. The rest of the battle is won by figuring out the current fha apr and taking the fixed rate protion of the loan and amortizing it over the expected term. This is the effective yield and relates to the current fha apr in a number of ways. The current FHA APR is also calculated differently by different FHA mortgage lenders.

Here is a nice place to start with current fha apr. After you have finainshed with the annual percentage rate or apr for fha, then go on to find the current rate or apr for the current apr calculation. Use you financial calculator for this equation.

Proceed to the current fha apr lender list and compare rates and be comfortable with your fha mortgage lender.

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