Sunday, April 20, 2008

Partial claim my fha mortgage loan please. The cries go out for the fha partial claim and who will listen to the fha loan request. The FHA will listen. The word needs to get out about the fha partial claim. FHA will pay a partial claim to get you current on yoru fha loan. Here is a question and answer regarding the fha partial claim from the department of hud.

Answer: Yes, HUD will subordinate the Partial Claim so the mortgagee can complete the Loan Modification. The mortgagee should contact HUD's contractor at (866) 377-8667 to ascertain all language requirements and terms that must be evident within the subordination document.

Now that you know about the fha partial claim program you should also know about the loan modificationa nd the fha secure refiannce in florida. You can also do a florida short sale. There are so many options other than bankruptcy that you can use to help to avoid foreclosure. When the fha mortgage loan called the FHASECURE is available, you should also look at the fha secure program in detail first and then make a decision about avoiding foreclosure. Many many more mortgage questions to be answered.

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