Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Option contracts have been used widely with short sale of real estate transaction at title companies across the USA. You may find that a title company will not be able to close a short sale with a trust and m,ust now use an option contract. Common law theories run amuck regardingb the misunderstood option contract for short sale of real estate. One person teh other day yelled "OPTION CONTRACT OF REAL ESTATE WITH A SHORT SALE!!!!" and then ran out of the title comapny.

There wer aboit 10 seconds of deafening silence and then the settlement agent for the title company closing the option contract of real estate for a short sale started laughing.

This has been another option contract of real estate with a short sale and a title agent that had a sense of humor story. Thank you for playing along with our option contract of short sales so to speak.



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