Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I don’t care how many times people tell me the story of the lady that had a 580 credit score and got an fha mortgage loan. It happens and it isn’t a big deal to Larry. The bigger deal is the fha mortgage loan under the 580 fico level and if you understand the fha mortgage credit report and that the fico score is less than 620 then you will have an fha loan approval.

One more time, please! Your FICO score needs a kick in the rear to get over 580 and you could do that with an fha mortgage loan. Buy a house with an fha loan and a score below 620. Or not, this is just a blog about fha mortgages and 580 and 620 credit scores. You fico score is undoubtedly low if you read this far.

FHA mortgage for under 620 credit scores is available.

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