Saturday, April 05, 2008

Finding an fha mortgage loan after a bankruptcy is easy. The problem is finding the fha loan soon after bankruptcy and whether or not there has been any bad credit since the bankruotcy for yoru fha loan.

You can have a bankruptcy and obtain an fha loan and that is ok for fha mortagge financing. You cna have bad credit befor ethe bankruptcy and then file bankruptcy to get an fha mortgage refinance or an fha pruchase post bankruptcy.

There is also a bankruptcy buyout for fha chapter 13 mortgage loan. You can have a chapter 7 mortgage and get an fha after a bankruptcy.

The problem is when there is bad credit recent and that is after a bankruptcy and you are trying to get an dfha mortgage loan. You can get an fha mortgage in florida and then you may or may not have a prior bankruptcy to deal with.

Lenders in florida look at compensating factors for fha to deal with the prior bankruptcy issue.

I hope you found this fha article helpful eve if you didn't have a bankruptcy and if you had a bankruptcy and are tyring to get an fha mortgage loan in florida then there are plenty of fha lenders for you to choose from. Try not to exceed the fha debt ratio.

FHA secure is an option too. Compensating factors for FHA mortgage loans. And anyone who thinks that Larry Linkler is just jumping on the credit repair bankruptcy bandwagon should review the bankruptcy credit information first.



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