Sunday, March 02, 2008

Once again we have an interesting set of posts that revolve around short sales and loss mitigation yet make zero sense. there seems to be a running theme with these short sale posts about loss mitigation. near as I can tell someone has a short sale loss mitigation issue with people that drink coffee at loss mitigation picnics. Why don't the ex-loss mitigation folks just avoid loss mitigation squabbles and drink their coffee with ex-loss mitigation department heads? I can't tell you why? I will suggest you exmaine these loss mitigation similarites and decide for your self about which loss mitigation eprtament is easiest to work with.

Litton loan Services Loss Mitigation Department

Countrywide Loss Mitigation Department

IndyMac Loss Mitigation Department

Jp Mortgage Chase Loss Mitigation Department

In conclusion, don't try a short sale without drinking coffee first and don't talk to loss mitigation department while you are drinking coffeee. The reult very well may be that you will be fired from your loss mitigation position. if this doesn't make any sense to you then i will suggest you read the various loss mitigation artciles above and the study a loss mitiation manual and read them again. Thank You, Larry Linkler has spoken.



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