Sunday, March 30, 2008

I will not comment on fha refinancing and subordination of fha loans.

You will have to learn about fha refi with a second mortgage and cltv limits on the fha CLTV loan site. Maximum combined loan-to-value fha is superb today.

Not every second mortgage likes FHA and the CLTV policy.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Larry Linkler has no comment about short sales and countrywide. Please leave Larry out of this short sale invetsment property discussion.

Thanks for teh short sale scoop and I am not in a short sale mood.

Countrywide provided a reduced payoff called a short payoff on an investment property and we closed yesterday on our real estate investment property.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Larry Likler thought it was about time to show you Larry's Link List. Without further ado, here is Larry Linkler's Linklist.

FHA Seller Funded Down Payment was all but done

Refinance with an FHASecure or FHA Secure to avoid foreclosure

Pay Your Rent or your landlord will steal your real estate computer.

Foreclosure Homes for sale

Cheap Real Estate for sale by Bank of America or Litton Loan Services

These are a few of Larry Linkler's special linklist for real estate and foreclosure information. What are your favorites from Larry's linklist?


Saturday, March 08, 2008

This blog does not interest me as it as far too many typos for my liking. Let me simply type short sale a few times and call it a satsifactory post. Maybe this cold become the new AA for the trecovering short sale loss mitigator. Then again, maybe not.

Short Sale Loss Mitigation Department Heads will meet at the short sale conventin of loss mitigators later in teh year.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Once again we have an interesting set of posts that revolve around short sales and loss mitigation yet make zero sense. there seems to be a running theme with these short sale posts about loss mitigation. near as I can tell someone has a short sale loss mitigation issue with people that drink coffee at loss mitigation picnics. Why don't the ex-loss mitigation folks just avoid loss mitigation squabbles and drink their coffee with ex-loss mitigation department heads? I can't tell you why? I will suggest you exmaine these loss mitigation similarites and decide for your self about which loss mitigation eprtament is easiest to work with.

Litton loan Services Loss Mitigation Department

Countrywide Loss Mitigation Department

IndyMac Loss Mitigation Department

Jp Mortgage Chase Loss Mitigation Department

In conclusion, don't try a short sale without drinking coffee first and don't talk to loss mitigation department while you are drinking coffeee. The reult very well may be that you will be fired from your loss mitigation position. if this doesn't make any sense to you then i will suggest you read the various loss mitigation artciles above and the study a loss mitiation manual and read them again. Thank You, Larry Linkler has spoken.