Thursday, September 25, 2008

Larry Linkler here and we have something to say about FHA Short Refinance loans. One person was writing that the short person was short and the tall person was tall and somehow that related to and FHA refinance. I'm not sure how they put that together to an FHA short refinance, but the buzz is all around the internet.

FHA Short Refinances

Your Refinance of a Short FHA Loan

Discover Short Refinances with FHA

These are a few of the places you can search to enable a refinance of the federal housing adminsitration program for GNMA pools. That's sufficient along with the FHA MIP fund that was affected by the housing legislation. These FHA refinances are sure the talk of the mortgage and real estate people. Hopefully that will assist the lending when the balances are short funds to close on a full refinance loan.

FHA short lending is a viable mortgage refinance in 2009 and 2010.



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