Sunday, July 26, 2009

Larry Linkler back again and the chatter around the internet these days is nothing other than: PRINCIPAL REDUCTION LOAN MODS! We will be reviewing various and sundry reasons of the following:

  • Where to get your principal reduced on a loan mod
  • When to reduce your principal

  • Principal reduction and forgivness
  • Debt and tax strategies for reducing principal

  • Avoiding foreclosure through a principal reduction and a loan modification

Before I give out the email address and phone number for the CEO of your bank, I will ask that you politely click through the links and review the information CAREFULLY before getting your principal reduced. As the old adage goes – it is far more dangerous to have a principal; reduction in the hands of an uneducated homeowner than it is to avoid foreclosure through more “traditional” ways.

Larry Linkler signing off!

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